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Sports and school physicals help keep children healthy and may prevent injuries; MedStar Urgent Care offers both to the residents of Murphy, Texas and the surrounding areas of Wylie, Sachse, Plano and Richardson.

Sports/School Physical Q & A

What's a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals are also known as pre-participation physical exams (PPE). In many states, such exams are required prior to children and teens beginning a new sport or competitive season. Even if not required, a PPE is a good idea. A PPE has two components: a medical history and a physical exam. The entire focus of the PPE is to determine if it's safe for the patient to play a particular sport. It's also an opportunity to help prevent injuries with patient education.

What's a School Physical?

Although a school physical also includes a medical history and a physical exam, the focus is different. The purpose of a school physical is to evaluate a child's overall health. It's an opportunity to make sure the child is developing normally, especially during puberty when so many physical, mental and emotional changes occur. A school physical is also a time to do some patient/parent education about health and safety issues and update immunizations.

Do I Need Both?

In a word, yes. The PPE is strictly focused on the sport. For example, a child who has asthma may need an adjustment in medications to participate in sports that wouldn't be necessary otherwise. Overuse injuries are a risk if the child is already playing competitively, so the PPE is an opportunity for education about ways to prevent injury. The school physical has a much broader focus and is also used to build a medical history that includes information about health and development over the long term.

How Can Urgent Care Help?

Most urgent care centers offer both school and sports physicals. However, even if the child has a family doctor or pediatrician, an urgent care center is a good place to get a sports physical; it's quick and no appointment is necessary. An urgent care can also provide both a school physical and a PPE, although it will take longer.

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